Saturday, March 6, 2010

Update on McIvor/Indian Status.

March 11, Update has new info. Check it out: Posted here with links to INAC and a call in number.

Click here for March 31 update

We realize that there is very little information getting out to First Nations on what happens next with the McIvor Case. [Our McIvor got more than a thousand hits for the first month they were up and are still popular.]

Recognizing that people are hungry for info, when so little is available, we pledge to keep you updated with accurate info here. So stay tuned to Crazy Bitches R Us as we track the amendments. We expect the legislation will be introduced on Wednesday or Thursday. Indian Affairs must amend the Indian Act before April 6th, 2010, which means they must rush it through the House of Commons. They estimate that 45,000 people will be added to the registry as a result of this amendment.

On April 6, the BC court of appeal struck down two subsections of the Indian Act as discriminatory against First Nation women. The court gave parliament one year to amend the Indian Act. Many children who did not previously have status will become C-1’s. If you haven't already seen it, there is more detailed explanation on our previous post:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

McIvor decision: Important info for non-status Indians looking to gain status.

Note: the amendments ONLY impact those whose status lineage was broken when a FN woman married a non-Native man. It your parents/grandparents lost status for other reasons, you will not benefit from this legislation.

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Anonymous said...

No disrespect to McIvor, but that should have been me. When the Bill 31-C came into effect on April 17/85 I told my mother right there and then that there was discrimination in that Act. I should have acted on that, and on jumped all over that then. That could have been my name, even my mom said the same. I was busy raising my children then. Good for her McIvor! Respectfully Anna from Rama

Ward of the State said...

Hi Anna from Rama,
Thank you for visting our humble blog.
It really takes a lot of strength to fight these cases. It also takes money and time. For sure we all owe Sharon many thanks.

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