Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunshine Tenasco-Brazeau appears on Dragon's Den

Patrick Brazeau's wife, Sunshine popped on to Dragon' Den recently looking for $20,000 to buy a better sewing maching so she can expand a side business making baby moccasins. Check it out: go about 16 minutes in.

I like the part where Kevin asks why not make them in China.

Also worth noting that just before offering her a loan Arlene Dickinson states: "I was a single mom with four little kids.. I completely understand what your going through..." I am guessing Arlene didn't release she had a senator's wife in front of her. Later Arlene adds "I remember being exactly where she is and having no money and nobody helping me. So good for her."

THe CBC episode description is also strangely misleading: "Sunshine Tenasco-Brazeau is a mother of three, trying to support her family off the fruits of her labour. She’s managed to create a small business based on a product she creates, and about which she is passionate. "

Sunshine was earlier awarded a third place prize at the Big Idea Aboriginal Innovations Conference which came with $10,000 to support her business.



Wideye said...

I heard she won a 20K grant! Frig man..........I AM a single mom with a business venture! Gawd damn that lying manipulative.....well look at who her husband is. It doesn't make it right but it's obvious they'll take advantage of their "heritage" when it’s convenient - you know the type - "non-practising Indians" while slamming opportunities for Indigenous people who don’t have the advantage of a husband in the Senate with a six figure income for life.

Jeezuz F.......sometimes I really really really HATE reality.

Ward of the State said...

I guess in all fairness I watched the show and never saw sunshine say she was a single mom, or struggling to support her family with this business.... it is what CBC people said about her... Did CBC get it wrong, or did she misrepresent herself to producers? I don't know which.

Good-Anon said...

I hear you Wideye. I too was wondering if they were aware of who her husband is. As for being portrayed as a single mom, correct me if I am wrong but at one point, when the baby was fussing, did she not say that her husband was just in the back of the stage so she could go give the baby to him if need be?

As for her crafts, is it me or do they not have a close resemblance to another companies slippers? I mean even right down to the name Quemeez, does it remind anyone else of Robeez? Can anyone say copyright and patent infringement?

debra said...

As regards this story. I'm sure the Dragons know that they get certain tax breaks for aiding aboriginal businesses.
As disingenuous as it feels from her side I think we had better rethink the Dragons role in it too.
At any rate it all makes my ski crawl.

Anonymous said...

Oh just get over yourselves, Cant be happy that a anishnabe person is getting up there. Have pride if your anishnabe, should be happy that one of our peeps is doing good for herself. If it was you I bet you wouldnt be complaning, at least shes making jobs for the women on her reserve, more than what your doing.

Ward of the State said...

Anon - We are very proud of being anishanabe. We just don't like people who tell tales. The two issues are quite separate. On your second point, this could never happen to me, because I am truthful and would have corrected the producers. Finally insofar as you have no idea what I do, or how many women I employ, your last comment is just cheap and foolish. But thanks for posting. Feel free to troll on by anytime.

Anonymous said...

after watching Sunshine Tenasco-Brazeau on Dragon's Den, I ordered and paid for a pair of mocassins from Quemeez in Feb.2011 to be mailed to Germany. As of to-day, Apr.8th/11 they have not been received. Can't get a hold of any-one. Website no longer exists. What happend?? good-bye $50.00

Ward of the State said...

hmmm.. Your right I looked for the webpage and it's gone. Nothing on her twitter accounts since Nov. Apparently Celine Dion bought 2 pair.

MJ said...

According tho her Facebook page "Hello Quemeez Customers, I am writing because I owe you all an explanation. I am the owner of Quemeez. Several months ago, I was diagnosed with lymphoma. Two weeks after hearing this news, I separated from my spouse of eleven years. I took all my energy and focussed on three things: 1) my health, 2) my three beautiful children, 3) my happiness. I could not bring myself to explain to you why I suddenly went missing....Quemeez will be mailing everyone whose order has not gone out yet an additional pair of moccasins.
The Quemeez website is down right now but it will be open again! It will take between 5-8 weeks to get things rolling again but we are back on track!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support!!
Sunshine Tenasco
Quemeez CEO

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