Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ahem... Minister Strahl..Pot-Kettle-Black

Something I read recently gave me a flash back. Let's play a little game of then and now...

THEN: Leading up to the November 2000 election the following appeared on Chuck Strahl (now Minister of Indian Affairs) website:
High unemployment, social problems and infrastructure decay still plague many native areas despite billions in federal monies going to assist them. Natives live in Third World poverty while their chiefs and councils – and an industry of lawyers and consultants surrounding native affairs – live in regal splendor. The Canadian Alliance is aggressively pressuring the government to implement accountability measures so that grassroots aboriginals get the services they need.
"The government spends billions of dollars on aboriginal-specific programming that it claims will better the lives of Canada’s aboriginal people. Why is it that grassroots aboriginals get so little and band councils get so much?” – Chuck Strahl, Vancouver Sun, April 7, 2000.

NOW: Chuck Strahl will recieve an MP pension of $155,733 annually if he retires. Regular working people in Canada, who are eligible for Canada Pension Plan after decades of contributions at the age of 65, will receive approximately $5,800. a year, only $150,000 less than Strahl. (Source: National Post)

Major employers in the Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon riding are the construction and manufacturing industries, retail trade and the service sector. The 2006 census showed an average family income of $66,138 and an unemployment rate of 6.7 per cent. (source CBC)

As a cabinet minister, Chuck Strahl earns a base salary of $233,247 per year.

Why is it that grassroots white people get so little and their white MPs get so much, Chuck? Why?


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