Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ask and ye shall receive....

Note: March 11, Update has new info on McIvor and status. Check it out: Click here to read, get links to INAC and a call in number.

humph. Two days ago I posted that media had failed to follow the McIvor case and the new amendments. Next thing I know it's all over CBC . Clearly Crazy Bitches R Us has captured the attention and admiration of CBC's newsrooms and they are following our lead.

What their story doesn't mention is that Chuck Strahl is expected table legislation tomorrow. This is just the initial step. It will be about a week before anything else happens. Stay tuned. We'll keep you posted.

On other news it seems that none of the $200M over 2 years slated for mental and emotional health supports for residential school survivors and their families in the federal budget will be going to the Aboriginal Healing Foundation. According to AHF this means that one hundred and thirty-four community-based healing initiatives will no longer have AHF support after March 31, 2010, when current funds run out.

Today, officials in the federal Minister of Health's office told reporters that $66 million will go to the First Nations Inuit Health Branch into existing one-on-one counselling programs. The remainder seems to going into that black hole of bureaucracy known as INAC because of "higher than expected funding needs" for compensating former students.


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