Thursday, July 23, 2009

Waiting for the eigth.....

The sweet aroma of smudging has filled the hall where everyone is gathered. No doubt praying for an answer. I think that's wierd by the way....I mean no doubt they are both speaking to the same Creator....unless in fact they are speaking to their ancestors....maybe there is a big battle going on in the spirit world between their ancestors?

Naaaaaaa I'm sure they don't care that much. Probably tell them to go and sort this out between themselves and come back when they've figured it out. I mean isn't that what your mom said to you when you got into a tug of war over ownership of one the "share" toys?

Ok..the official announcement. It would seem as though many people expected Perry to withdraw but instead it was announced that the candidates met and they will go to the eighth. Jumpin Crazy Lizards.....why?


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