Thursday, July 23, 2009

6th Ballot!!

Yes I fell asleep but it looks like nobody else did in Calgary. They are in the sixth ballot and the crowds have entered back into the main room....Shawn's crowd is loud....but no telling what that means...jacked up on caffeine maybe? Despite the all night tension and tied ballots I hear fun can be had! There was a rounding rendition of Dayo, the crowd performed the 'wave' and I heard a coffee scalper got $10 for her java! AND...the security guards protested the long hours and left. (obviously they don't know you're supposed to use a barricade in a protest and not leave! Geeesh!)

But can you believe you believe a tie in the fifth would take them to the SIXTH ballot. I honestly don't remember when that happened before...trying to find out if it has.

498 ballots cast 0 destroyed

Atleo 256
Bellegarde 242

Voted needed for 60% is 299

Now we wait to seat if Bellegarde is a gentleman and withdraws of forces a seventh ballot...I say he withdraws...bu this is Perry and nothing polite about him or politics.


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