Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shawn Atleo new National Chief

So....I had to run out on some real life errands (damn)And while gone we learn that Shawn beat out Perry (again) and finally...finally Perry conceded defeat and we have a new National Chief. Congratulations National Chief Atleo, well done team. I knew it could be done. Just took a little longer than I originally thought.

Later addition:

Sorry, back from more real life work-stuff. Not that what happened in Calgary wasn't real but for me....this other "real" stuff pays the bills.

I also want to congratulate Perry Bellgard and his team. Endurance is everything his team worked hard and stood by him. I know he and many of the people that helped keep Perry nipping at Atleo's heels will be a huge asset to the AFN family. The numbers I think, indicate that the Chiefs also believe both would be an asset to advance economic participation and reduce poverty numbers.

I look forward to hear how the two, Atleo and Bellegarde do come together. If the elections are any indicator, they'd make a formidable team.


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Dirk Buchholz said...

I was wondering if you could explain to me what the actual role of AFN is and how it can claim to represent indigenous peoples.
Does not the very existence of AFN lend a kind of legitimacy to the Indian Act?
Can any real progress really be expected when AFN is funded and wholly accountable to the settler government rather than to indigenous peoples,the very peoples it claims to represent?
Is not government funding of F.N org's just another tool of assimilation,i.e the acceptance of gov funding tends to subvert, de-radicalize grassroots activism ?

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