Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Ballot discussion

First Ballot Discussion
Beaucage pulled out and is supporting Bellgard! (desperate pitch!)



Wideye said...

I know I am commenting on myself - but common...even if Nelson, Wilson, AND Beaucage threw their numbers behind Bellgard (and all their followers did as they were told...and that's doubtful) it's not a win! He hasn't got the numbers.

wardofthestate said...

But it could be a stalemate if Beaucage's voters go to Perry.

The fear is if Perry gets a slight lead Shawn will concede.
He's a classy guy.

Perry isn't. Heks probaly lock if for a few ballots.

Wideye said...

No it wouldn't be a stalemate...even if Bellgard pulls every supporter from Wilson, Nelson, and Beaucage (highly unlikely) the numbers would read 314 Bellgard 238 Atleo. That’s IF Bellgard took all the votes and didn’t bleed...and Atleo took nothing (and bled nothing). I don’t think Atleo will bleed. I think he will pick up votes because he had a 72 point lead. Had the lead been less I agree he might have bled, but I think his “I like the guy” votes will stick with him because of that lead in the first vote.

Atleo in two more ballots.

Wideye said...

OH...Sorry I see what you mean by stalemate----the winner requires 332 votes.....neither may achieve that in the next vote. Got it. Duh....looks like a big fight is required. I said to a friend..Atleo is from BC and has a good team that can paddle together in rough currents.

wardofthestate said...

Hat's it exactly. The number of votes needed may change because some chiefs will leave, others may suddenly send proxies. But never theless if we don't see 60 percent on this ballot, someone either concedes or it keeps going and going.

Just saw 4hawn's camp. They look tired and low energy. Haven't seen Perry.

Let's keep our fingers crossed. I guess by this point it's obviuos - aman atleo fan.

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