Monday, June 1, 2009

shame a hood?

Well I Googled the second place guy Ed Mahfouz and his greatest fault seems that he is a nice guy. If it’s true what those studies say about the electorate liking bullies then we have our answers. By the numbers it wasn't voter apathy. Maybe deep in the hearts of residents in Nepean Carleton they truly are racist and get their groove on through their elected representative? (Are they hiding behind the bully like true cowards)I don't know what else to think? Can we shame a neighbourhood into reacting against their representative? How?

Official Voting Results FORTIETH GENERAL ELECTION 2008

Nepean - Carleton

Phil Brown, NDP: 6,946 (9.71%)
Lori Gadzala, GP: 7,880 (11.02%)
Ed Mahfouz, LP: 16,743 (23.42%)
Pierre Poiliere, CPoC: 39,921 (55.84%)

Rejected Ballots: 274
Total Votes: 71,764
Electors on List: 103,414


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deBeauxOs said...

In Nepean-Carleton, it's more, much more than racism. A vote for the CPC is a vote against the Libs, the NDP, Greens.

Jabba the Roy - the penultimate ReformaTory sycophant - could even win in Nepean Carleton, if he kept his mouth shut so that that the rightwingers and neo-cons didn't realize what a pathetic idiot he is.

Poilievre is greasy and street-savvy, in a total morally vacuous way. That's why he won.

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