Friday, June 12, 2009

He's back! Guallaume Carle. Yet another National Chief

Guillaume Carle is my favourite National Chief. Yes we have an AFN National Chief, and two organizations called CAP, both with National Chiefs, so there are 3 to choose from.(Perhaps this explains in part why Indian politics baffles other Canadians, eh?) In case you didn't know about Guillaume here's some background.

In 2003, Guillaume was elected president of the Quebec wing of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP, Patrick Brazeau's former organization). A few years later, Guillaume and Patrick had a falling out. (BTW- interesting fact, they both claim to be former models - although they are rather short. They also look alike, although Guillaume is older. Guillaume is top right, Patrick is immediately right) Guillaume lost his election in 2006 or, in his opinion, was illegally usurped. Out of spite, Guillaume set out to replace CAP with hisown national organization: the Confederation of Aboriginal Peoples. (To avoid confusion we'll call it CAP2)

Guillaume want to replace CAP1 because he believed it was politically and fiscally irresponsible. He also believed someone was trying to kill him for exposing this. In response, Brazeau accused Guillaume of being a white guy. In 2007, Guillaume and his fledgling organization held a few fairly well-attended protests. He led an armed roadblock of a highway near Barrier Lake in northern Quebec, and protested outside Parliament about housing (targeting the Waskahagen Corporation), and outside Indian Affairs about a long list of issues. He eventually got arrested, as protesters sometimes do, and could not participate in further acts of civil disobedience.
In June 2007, he went into Kahnawake to try and recruit members to CAP2, but was chased out by a small group of Mohawk women and banned from returning.

Everything he got really quiet.
I wondered what happened to him.
Then one day there was an ad in the Ottawa Sun advertising an Elvis impersonator for hire for home and office parties for a small fee. It didn't say that it was Guillaume. There was only a stage name. But everyone I know who saw it swore it was him.
The ad dissapeared.
Months went by.
I checked out Guillaume's website. Googled his name. No new news. I thought he was gone forever.

But today my search was rewarded with this press release:

The Confederation of Aboriginal Peoples Tells the Real Story
RIVIERE BLEUE, QC, June 11 2009 /CNW Telbec/ - During the last days, the
Confederation of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP) has been officially informed that
false information coming from an incredible disturbed imagination has been
communicated regarding the National Grand Chief Guillaume Carle. This
information is communicated to create confusion regarding the identity and
actions of the National Grand Chief Guillaume Carle.
It is important to inform all readers that the Internet Site used to
carry the false messages regarding National Grand Chief Carle, called the
"Nation Autochtone du Qu├ębec", is the property of Jean Jolicoeur which is a
director of the Waskahagen Corporation. This Corporation is already in front
of the tribunal facing a multi hundreds of thousands of dollars law suit for
having caused damages to the National Grand Chief Carle's reputation. All the
negative information contained in this Internet Site is communicated to try to
tarnish and discredit his reputation.
Additionally, we would like to inform all readers that Grand Chief Carle
has never been expelled or escorted out of OKA by anybody. The story
concerning his visit in OKA contained on the Internet Site mentioned above is
completely false and should not be taken seriously.
It is very important to mention that a few years ago, Guillaume Carle,
National Grand Chief received two valuable distinctions from European
instances. In 2007, he was the recipient of the "Civic Star" for his exemplary
conduct in the defense of indigenous rights and improving the life of
individuals regardless of their age, nationality, color and social state.
Thereafter, in late 2007, "La Ligue Universelle du Bien Public", an
organization attached to the United Nations and founded in 1468, presented to
Grand Chief Carle its most prestigious awards "The Golden Medal" for his
contribution to the Defense of Human Rights and finally to have sowed good in
his entourage.
Guillaume Carle, National Grand Chief is highly considered in the
Aboriginal community and in the international arena. In addition, he is also
recognized by the Aboriginal Community as a National Spiritual Elder, Sacred
Pipe Carrier and Bearer of the Sacred Eagle Feather.

This is who this man really is. (CAP)

For further information: Monique Thibault, Communications, (418)



Anonymous said...

Guillaume Carle is a white guy. He has been pretending to be an Indian for a long time. He had his "status card" taken away from him at Indian Affairs because it was fraudulent.
Nobody in the Aboriginal community likes this guy he gives all of us a bad name. We avoid him at all costs unless to say "Hey white guy, stop pretending to be one of us". The organization that he is "chief" of is also a bunch of white guys pretending to be Indian, it has zero political power and zero Indians as part of it.
Why don't you put that in your fake pipe and smoke it Guillaume you will never be one of us. said...

The true story about grand chief Guillaume Carle.

I have followed the Guillaume Carle story very closely. The reason that I followed the story about this individual is because he has been in the news many times. He has been attacked on internet by people that do not have the honour and common respect to give out their names.
Firstly, some people write about others on internet without even knowing what the real story is all about. One has to remember that there is always two sides to a coin. Today I write about a cause and a person that I have followed very closely.

It is not a wonder why the reputation of the grand chief carle has been tarnished. It is also a fact that when a person goes against the abuse on a “people” such as the abuse that the aboriginal people of Canada have been living for the past 400 years it is not a wonder why this person was attacked so viciously. We have to remember the great Louis Riel, Nelson Mandella, Marting Luther king, The grand chief Pontiac and others. These people were attack in the same way that grand chief carle was. To name a few, Martin Luther king was killed by his own people, chief Pontiac was also killed by his own people, Riel was hanged by the government that he was elected. We have to remember that “Leonard Pelletier has been in jail for the last 30 years for a crime that he did not commit?
What about Jim Sinclair, he defended the rights of aboriginal people of Canada, he was also arrested, the government of Canada accused him of miss management of funds, a few years after he was presented an award “the lifetime achievement award” at the aboriginal awards, he was also accused of not being Indian and the metis said that he was not metis either? Call him and ask him how many time the RCMP arrested him for no reason at all? Or call William Commanda and ask him if Guillaume Carle his an Indian? Or better yet, Ask William Commanda how hard it was in 1946 to defend his people ask him “how did the police treated him and his friend mr Sioui” after they were put in jail for not apparent reason?
Guillaume carle was decorated multiple times Internationally:(gold medal by the ligue universelle du bien public, golden civic star by the ├ętoile civique, the daughter of Jacques Chirac also decorated him with the Golden Europeen Star all because he defended his people), I have lived on a reserve in Quebec and let me tell you that it is not a fun place to be. I do know that Guillaume Carle is an Indian person because all his ways are Indian.
If we were to believe for an instance that this person is not aboriginal? then we need to give him another medal for his contribution to the native people of Canada. How does a person discuss the Nationality of another on internet? In my opinion, the nationality of a person is very private. I am an Indian person, I have worked in the white mans environment and I know the difference having 70 of experience to back it up
It is easy and very coward for a person to write in a negative way on internet about a person without the writer giving his name! The person that said that grand chief guillaume carle is not Indian he has not idea of what it is to be an Indian person.

Instead of writing stupid comments and doing stupid actions against the people that fight for us and our rights (like the native person that stabbed in the back for a bottle of wine and terminated prematurely the life of our chief Pontiac who also defended our rights with his own life), we should stand fast and provide to him all the help needed to advance our common cause.

I am not a friend of this guillaume carle, but I can tell you that if you look at this person a little closer you will find him to be a very considerate and honest person. There is a reason that he was given the title for life of ” Honourable National Grand Chief of the Confederation of Aboriginal People of Canada. I can tell you this because I have spent the time to know him personally… and my opinions are true. Rod Odjick.

Wideye said...

Well this is an interesting post Rod. But despite your defence of Guillaume he is still a flake and under no circumstances will this blog confuse the former model and current Elvis impersonator with Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Louis Riel or any of the other men you mention.

Impersonating former celebrities and/or being photographed because you’re a model doesn't make you a person of any importance. Even attempting to establish a competing Aboriginal organization doesn't make you important. My mind slips back to a woman who used to work for NWAC, ran for President, lost, and then tried to establish her own organization (NAWA)....she wasn't great or important either, and was no model, and I don't think she tried a singing career (although I am certain she sings for her supper) - but at least she had the courtesy to slink away and be silent... Silence can be golden.

I'm happy the man is working - Guillaume Carl is obviously a born entertainer and nobody is saying he shouldn't sing for his supper either or that he shouldn't be proud of his talents. But he is not a great leader – he’s not even mediocre. He’s just likes the lime light and is looking for the next camera flash – he could learn from Lady Gaga – she’s an entertainer and gets lots of camera attention! (You might tell Guillaume that Elvis is kinda stuffy, old, and sooooo yesterday.)

You sing his praises quite lovingly Rod. I'm certain he will be quite moved by your devotion and eloquent praise. If you forward your defence of him he'll probably grant you a discount to sing at your next social function.

Good luck with your story telling ability Rod- I haven't seen Guillaume's Elvis impersonating skills but your story telling skills and his singing talent would be quite the act . I know I am entertained by your story. Now that's a “True story" (hahahaha - good one!)

You don't need to know. Just Read said...

This is a load of bull, you look at him, he's Indian/Aboriginal, no doubt. What did he do wrong? As for the Anonymous comment said "He gives us a bad name". NO. You give US a bad name.

It's all about jealousy. Google his name, all this crap about him not being Indian. I know him myself, theres no way he's not Aboriginal.

Two words for all the people who say he's not Aboriginal, accusing him of things he didn't do. F*** YOU.

He's been arrested so many times, it's like he's gone through hell because of all the people accusing him of this and that all the time.

Most of the people who posted this sort of stuff are going to be arrested anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, do you homework on Billy, he has been arrested because of fraud. I know Guillaume and rememeber when he 1st came to Kitigan Zibi to recruit people to work for him at Nighthawk. He claimed to be from KZ but when asked all he could say was, "I'm from the same family as the ones who make the best frites in Maniwaki". That's strange because I know that family and even asked some of our elders to trace back the family tree, there is no way Billy was or is related to that family.

I don't know which reserve you have lived on in Quebec but it OBVIOUSLY is not KZ (which Billy claims to be from). Yes KZ has it's problems but it is nowhere near the same level as many other reserves. We at KZ are well off when compared to our brothers and sisters that live on other reserves.

As for trying to draw comparisons between men of distinction to a cheating con-artist, I will only speak to the comparison you made to my Grandfather (by blood) William Commanda. There is no way Billy is or ever will be on the same level as my Gramps. You truly live in a delusional world if you believe that Billy has done things, or even just one thing, that is on par with what my Gramps has done.

One last thing, dying your hair black, growing a pony tail, and bronzaging does not make you Anishinabe (Indian). Seems like that is the way that both your Grand/National (however you wannabes want to refer to them as) Chiefs Carle and Brazeau have done to try to fool people into thinking they are Anishinabe.

In closing, let me quote you, "I can tell you this because I have spent the time to know him personally… and my opinions are true". - Band and Community Member of the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg

Ward of the State said...

Hey Anon- that is second anaon. TY for posting. One thing- in all fairness when it comes to Patrick Brazeau.... he is Anishanabe. We may not like it, but such terrible accidents do happen.

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