Thursday, June 11, 2009

Betcha Phil Fontaine would love 5 minutes alone in a dark alley with Patrick Brazeau

Another non-reconciliation moment. When Aboriginal Leaders appeared before the Senate today, Senator Patrick Brazeau (aka Brazman aka dork) launched and attack on National Chief Phil Fontaine. He railed on him for opposing a Conservative Bill (two years ago) and then attacked the AFN CEO for good measure. You know I blogged a question about what would reconciliation look like - but I never imagined this. Brazeau's ill-timed and shameful rant was met with boos from other Senators.



Anonymous said...

Unless Phil also has a black belt in karate, I don't think that would be the case.

I was in the North Senate Gallery, Senator Brazeau's questions were fair game.

penlan said...

Brazeau - a real scumbag.

Anonymous said...

Don't you have nothing better to do Wolski?

Anonymous said...

I see the 1st and 2nd comments were most likely posted by Fart Fleming or by Bozo himself.

I wonder why Brazeau was so pissy in the Senate chamber? Was it because he expected to be called upon to speak on the steps and was snubbed? So to get back at Phil he had to do it where he is protected by his Conservative party? Food for thought.

LOL trust me, a black belt is not needed to toss around all 5'6" of Brazeau. From what some friends have told me I heard that Brazeau tried to pull what he pulled on Tony Belcourt (the old drunken "I got a black belt" speech) on a few big nish boys back out West. From what I hear the "match" didn't last too long and the karatay didn't help Brazeau one bit.

Anonymous said...

Don't YOU people in Brazeau's office have anything better to do on tax payer's dollars?

Wideye said...

So what did Brazeau do now? Grab the microphone and fill the chamber up with the sound of his voice? He was booed by other Senators? That guy sure likes to break new ground that’s a truth for sure. Now if only it were relevant ground instead of grave-digging. I feel like I missed yesterday but I prayed to my grandparents and ancestors before them. My son graduated basic training for the military yesterday and I knew my ancestors would tell me to honour my son – he’s their future and a testament to our resilience.
I hear Brazeau was snubbed outside on the hill. And unless he wanted to use his kung-fu on the survivors themselves he’d “do well to just shut-up and sit down!” (I’m sorry Anon but your comment is silly and childish – but how like a Brazeau fan to threaten violence) That was a quote from a few of my survivor friends (women past their 60’s – who said today they’d take on Brazeau too kung fu or no kung fu.) who were in attendance and did witness his childish and ill-timed outburst. (That freakish little fop has no self control)
He’s so insecure I bet he needs constant re-assurance “how‘d I do? Did I look ok? Maybe I should have worn the fuchsia with the crimson beads? Tell me the truth what do you think?”
Poor thing what’s a pretty boy-toy to do though? No ethics, no morals, no couth, just a crass, greedy bauble for Harper to play with. His one saving attribute is his low intellect. If he had any he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. But he looks well fed and rested and that in my humble opinion is a tribute to his thought-free and stress-free life at the Senate (tax-payer) trough.

Anonymous said...


It's funny all you can do is attack Brazeau's personal character and take cheap shots. Of course, if I was good-looking, smart, young, full of potential, an Aboriginal success story and not afraid to state my views, I suppose I would have people jealous and envious of me too.

If you look at many heroes throughout our history, not everyone supported or appreciated them but they did what they had to do for their people. In this case, Brazeau is no different. Who knows, maybe Brazeau will be the first native Prime Minister. Wouldn't that be great for this country, to celebrate a First Nations person as the head of this country?

Ward of the State said...

You know pro-Brazeau Anon, your IP address shows that you just sit around your home in Gatineau all evening googling Patrick Brazeau's name. I can only assume you spend as much time replying to other blogs that criticize him too.What's up with that? How much does a gig like that pay?

Much like Brazeau, you never comment on any of the more pressing issues impacting First Nations, like our posts on H1N1.
You reponses as Wideye pointed out are really just childish quips like "R u jealous?"

So why don't you try to offer some evidence base - name these wonderful thngs that Mr. Brazeau did to benefit me - an off-reserve First Nations woman who he proports to represent.

Because in my opinion Kevin Daniels has already done more for off-reserve folk in just a few months than Patrick BRazeau did over the years. Kevin Daniels is at least raising real issues that impact our kids - like gang-prevention, and addiction issues.

By comparason all Patrick did is read conservative media lines (I know you've seen my post on Brazeau's lack of accountability)and attack other leaders, god knows why. And he continues this being the latest example.

So please, if you think Patrick did something we should be proud of don't be shy, share away.

If you can't think of anything, by all means keep replying with your little quips. Wideeye and I get a chuckle out of them.

Anonymous said...

Here's a headline for you:


You give us Anishnabe women a bad name.

penlan said...

Anon @ 3:40 p.m. wrote:
"I see the 1st and 2nd comments were most likely posted by Fart Fleming or by Bozo himself."

I am the 2nd commenter & don't even know who those people are whose names you mentioned. I'm not even native. I'm a white Canadian who cares about this country & its peoples - ALL of them.

I have watched Brazeau through the years & he has done nothing for the First Nations. He has abused his positions of authority for his own self-serving ends.

Fontaine has more integrity in his little finger than Brazeau will have in his entire life. It's Fontaine who should be Senator - not Brazeau the punk. You can thank Harper for making another stupid mistake.

In time a First Nations person will become PM. But don't see that happening anytime soon.

The H1N1 situation is severe & shows the rest of Canada how dire the health care situation is on the reserves in all its different forms along with all the other issues of much needed finacial help for housing, water, etc.

Anyway, it's interesting to be accused of being someone I am not.

Ward of the State said...

I love winning an argument. See pro-Brazeau Anon's post after I ask him to name aything good Patrick has done. 1) Cannot name anything 2) Tries to childishly push back by name calling the Native Women's Association (probably thinks we work there or somethin and that this would "hurt our wittle feelwings.")

Instead of making a point, this proves my point. Much like Brazeau himself, Anon - vindictively attacking others with no evidence to back up their claims or just resorts to childish name calling (much like what Brazeau did in the senate) rather than actually doing any good work.

Having said this, Probrazeau Anon_ I am puttig you on notice. I published your comment so everyone could see how childish you are. But I will not publish comments in the future where you just lash out at native women for no good reason or name call. Back up your ridiculous claims or be prepared to be treated like a troll.

Ward of the State said...

To Penlan.
Hey Penlan- I am assuming that Anon#3 probably was refering to the Anon#1 and Anon#2 - not you. Al Flemming, referred to in Anon#3's post, is Brazeau's long-time assistant and supporter, I am pretty sure he didn't think your comment came from Al. lol.

I wish anons would give themselves names, even made up ones. I keep fearing I am going to insult a good Anon when my intent is to respond to the pro-Brazeau Anon.

Anyway, Penlan, I haven't always been a huge Phil fan, sometimes I like him, sometimes I think he's way too much of a negotiator and not enough of a fighter. But I have to agree with you, Phil would have been a way better senator.

Anonymous said...

100% agree that Phil would make a much better senator. I too have not been a Phil supporter but I must say that he definded himseld well. For those who did get to see the actual airing of what too place in the Red Chamber on CPAC when Brazeau tried to attack Phil the transcipts do not do it justice. Phil was very composed and fired back at Brazeau were eloquently (which by the way was very impressive since Phil's public speaking isn't the best).

What was also very surprising and I was actually proud of was that Clem Chartier, MNC President, threw his ear piece and stormed out after Brazeau's attack. Too me, that looked lihe Clam was in total disgust and walked out to support Phil. Now he did come back but after people chased after him.

Anyway, if you guys can view the actual footage I would suggest you do cause it's a good exchange. There were a lot of support from other Senators for Phil and some "boos" and "shames" from other Senators towards Brazeau.

One last point, if you really can see Brazeau's, whoops ;), I mean ProAnon Brazeau's IP address well there is probably a good chance that it is either Brazeau, his wife, or Lorraine Foreman/Rochon. They all live in Gatineau.

Ward of the State said...

Indeed, I am proud of Clem too. It was a classy move.

And yep I can trace the IP adress down to a steet, just not a specific house. Probably would not be too far a jump to find out where Al. Loraine, Brazeau all live and see which one of them it is. But I definately think it's one of them. I can see that they spend hours on line just trolling google for any mention of Brazeau. f it' not staff, it's a stalker.

Anonymous said...

Brazeau has given many people from my home community a voice because unlike some well run reserves, mine isn't. Can't get no information, don't know where my band cheif is spending the governments funds and my band doesn't answer any one's letters when we ask questions and I know there is alot of people in the same boat as me. Because of him, some of my fellow community members signed a petition, circulated it and demanded a band council meeting and we got it. We also invited reps from DIAND and requested DIAND look in the finances of the community. There was alot of mis-spending and the people got caught. What did Brazeau do was your question? He gave us a voice and geared us in the right direction to do what we needed to do. Cheif Brazeau or Senator Brazeau has obviously not done that for you but just because you don't feel represented by him does not mean others don't. Then again, if you knew and respected Anishnabe teachings and listened to our elders, you would know to respect our leaders no matter what they believe in. miigwitch

Ward of the State said...

Ah pro-Brazeau Anon- I thought you were going to say something intelligent. The first part of your post is acceptable. Although at this point, we all think you are Al Fleming (therefore non-Native) and question the possibility that your story is true. It certainly took you a long time to out with something.

I'd be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, except that what you write next is so obviously a childish insult and lie: "if you knew and respected Anishnabe teachings and listened to our elders, you would know to respect our leaders no matter what they believe in.”

What nonsense! Our elders would never teach that! You sound like an Indian Agent.
In fact if our elders did teach that nonsense it would mean that you never should have questioned how your leaders spent band dollars.

What our elders ACTUALLY teach is that our leaders gain and retain their leadership position only so long as they hold the respect of their people. What’s more, it is not Brazeau’s opinions that I object to – as I have posted time and again it is his distasteful actions and lack of accountability. I know you have read through the posts, all the evidence is there. I do not need to rewrite 6 pages here. Patrick was not accountable at CAP, his own membership ran to the papers and aired all this dirty laundry.

This latest incident on June 11th shows how little respect he has for his own elders. Grandfather Commanda was at the sunrise ceremony that morning. Several elders across the country looked forward to a day of celebration. Patrick could have attacked his old enemy any other day he wished – but how hurtful and cruel to the elders and survivors that he picked their day and ruined it.

No, it is not that I merely disagree with his opinions, it’s his actions that fail to earn my respect, and judging by the posts I see about him, he has very little respect in the community. You may well be his only fan.

But of course Patrick is no longer an Anishinabe leader anyway. He governs at the will of the Conservative party - not his people. We did NOT select him for this position, nor can we remove him.

Wideye said...

Tooo funny, To the Anon who directed his comments to me. (Ackhum, cough, cough ...yes that’s the name ... Flemming) to take cheap shots at Brazeaus personal character takes some talent because his personality is as vapid as his policies....ain’t nothing there but the talking points fed to him by others. And yes if you were good-looking, smart, young, full of potential, an Aboriginal success story, and not afraid to state your views – then you wouldn’t have to hide behind “anon” postings or behind the sack of flesh known as Brazeau. But as a facial-feature challenged, paunchy, old white guy with limited talent, no friends, cowardly and of questionable intelligence I must offer my congratulations.... you finally found a coat-tail that can’t shake you or is too dumb to know you’re on it. And as far as your second paragraph goes – is this the line you keep feeding Brazeau – well as long as he swallow’s your pay-check is secure....brazeau as Prime Minster - MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! (I bet Brazeau loves it when you talk to him like that eh? ;O)

Wideye said...

Anon: June 14 @ 10:10
Brazeau did not give you a voice. You were born with a voice and the creator made sure it was strong and courageous. That you believe, and trust me he wants you to believe, that you are powerless without Brazeau speaks volumes. But really the more people that tell you that you NEED them – the quieter your voice will become.

You don’t need Brazeau – you need the people in your community to stand together as a collective and then you need to work together as a collective – even if you don’t like the person who stands to your must stand shoulder to shoulder.

Brazeau wants to turn your community into a town or municipal and have your community answer to the Provincial government. He wants you to be just like him (you know the kind – my great great great grandmother was an Indian princess and that makes me legit) – Do yourself a favour and believe in yourself, believe in your family and friends – together you can make a difference. Brazeau has already turned away from working with the Sisters in Spirit Campaign and away from working to stop family violence. He will speak only the words written for him, words designed to make you believe that you are nothing without him. That he wants you to believe that you cannot have a voice without him speaks to his manipulation of vulnerable people.

Wideye said...

Anon June 14th, 1:11

Lorraine Foreman/Rochon? Hmmmm, would that be the former Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP) office manager? Is this the same woman who was having an affair with the CAP accountant during the years all those questions over their finances was of concern? I know Brazeau doesn’t like to admit it but one of his file as the VP – during those questionable years - was finances. The then National Chief of CAP trusted his VP to be responsible, accountable, and transparent in the way he handled his files. It does kinda look suspicious eh? The four so close the VP, the public relations guy, the office manager and the accountant – next thing you know – the NC is out and the VP is crowned big cheese, questions about finances are blamed on the past leadership (even though Brazeau was responsible for the file) and now he is a Senator and Lorraine and his PR guy are still tied to his hips. Well rumours can’t be trusted that’s for sure and I don’t want to start any. (Oh, I know the office manager and the accountant both eventually divorced their spouses and married each other - nobody can knock true-love. When it happens it happens and love is a glorious thing.) Such twisted ethics from a group of greedy muffin-heads. Transparency and accountability, easy to talk about eh Brazeau and groupies.

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