Thursday, June 11, 2009

Reconciliation interrupted.

Apparently Mohawk Grand Chief Tim Thompson crashed what was supposed to be a schmoozing Day of Reconciliation. While Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl and AFN National Chief Phil Fontaine exchanged warm words, the Grand Chief hopped the stage to make a 20 minute long unscheduled speech and blasted the government in front of the audience of hundreds and media. (story)I am really hoping someone posts this on YOUTUBE.

Thompson had been working on the border-crossing issue - Mohawks who have a border crossing in the middle of their territory at Akwesasne don't want the guards to be armed. They would be equally happy if the checkpoint was moved outside their community as a solution. I don't know if the media really ever explained this but if you've been to Akwesasne and seen the area, it seems like an easy fix.



Anonymous said...

Yes and I am glad he did. I was up there on the Hill and had the priviledge to hear his speech.

What I was shocked at was that idiot boy Brazeau was allowed to walk along side Phil and Strahl. If I was the Grand Pooh-Pa I would have given him the boot. He also stood on the steps with the fellow dignataries. I am so glad he wasn't allowed to speak. I bet he would have gotten less of an ovation than Strahl did which was barely any claps. Brazeau would have probably gotten booed, I know I would have been yelling.

Why would he decide to walk in this walk when he publicly denounced the past days of action? Guess he needed to try to show his fellow colleagues in the Senate how "Indian" he is.

Ward of the State said...

Hey Anon, did you manage to record any of it? I would love to hear it. I heard it was heartfelt.

As for Brazeau, I do believe either he or his assistant Al Flemming post here. We let them because it amuses us. Check out the replies to the most recent Brazeau post.

Anonymous said...

No I didn't get to record it but I did catch the airing opn CPAC last night. Like I said, I am not a Phil suppoter but I was very very impressed at how he handled himself and I was incredibly proud of him for finally standing up to Brazeau and what a better place to do it, right in from of his colleagues!!!!It was more of a joke that I posted Brazeau or Fleming posted something. However, like I said in a previous post that if it indeed true that the pro-brazeau posts are coming from Gatineau then I would highly assume that it is coming from Brazeau's home or his assistant (Lorraine Foreman/Rochon) since they both live in Gatineau.

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