Monday, June 22, 2009

Ants II

Fire ant infestation startles Nova Scotians

Residents mowing lawns in protective gear as populations spread; itch from insect's bite as bad as poison ivy.

Ant's are horrible deviants with a mission. I know my good friend WoS would have everyone believe that ants are special but - Yuuuuck. I hate even writing about the little things.

There is nothing romantic about the myth of Ant woman and Bear....Ant woman tricked bear and everyone knows it. Friggen Ant lady knew it was the fall and Bear had to prepare for winter hibernation. It was all Bear could do to stay awake and dance as long as she did. And besides - Ant lady (who btw has serious food issues) flaunted her anorexic skinny little waist and mocked Bear. It was dirty dance off from the start and I demand another go round!

Ants are creepy. And I hate them.


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Ward of the State said...

What about Z-4195 and princess Bala?

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