Saturday, May 30, 2009

Who ran against Pierre Poilievre last election? Was it Satan?

So I have a question for folks living in the Nepean Carleton riding. I do not recall who ran against Poilievre last election.. was it Satan? Was he a dark horse candidate in a NDP liberal vote split? Perhaps he has an exceptionally large family living in his constituency?

Regarding his use of the word "tar baby" this week. Poilievre is not the only politician to aggravate the public by using the term, or to claim he did not understand that it was offensive. Whether or not he intended to offend, his refusal to apologize is reprehensible. He has is also proven himself to be a revolting human being.

This is not Poilievre's first racial slur. Poilievre also shot his mouth off, one-year ago, on the eve of the historic apology to Indian Residential School Survivors Poilievreduring an interview with a local radio station saying:

“We could go and argue whether [assimilation] was the right policy or the wrong policy....$4 billion in compensation for those who partook in the residential schools over those years. Now, you know, some of us are starting to ask, ‘Are we really getting value for all of this money, and is more money really going to solve the problem?’ My view is that we need to engender the values of hard work and independence and self reliance. That’s the solution in the long run – more money will not solve it.”

(And of course it would be irresponsible of me to reprint that statement without correcting the factual errors in it. #1 Compensation was $1.9 billion, NOT $4 billion. #2 Children were forced into the residential school system, designed to assimilate them; they did not "partake" in it. #3 Paying the compensation was a cost-saving to the government who was going to spend billions more fighting (and losing) the cases in court, there for was a value-for-money decision. #5 On the issue of value for money there are a number of auditor general reports that show First Nations reporting procedures are adequate, but that First Nations receive inadequate funding for housing, education, health and social services.)

His remarks were hate-mongering lies, his timing was cruelly calculated.
Poilievre also has a history of odd and childish behaviour.

He was forced to apologize in 2006 after he was caught on Commons video making an obscene arm gesture to opposition MPs. A week before that, Poilievre was recorded swearing at his political rivals, and was then accused of doing a mock "pixie dance" while the Commons Speaker was discussing his unparliamentary gestures.

Really, who voted for this guy?
Shame on you.



deBeauxOs said...


Good question. No, Satan did not run against Poilievre since he was busy running the ReformaTory war room.

Wideye said...

I’m trying to upload a table of the election results but can't. I will post them in a new post but even scrolling down the individual polling station results appears to show apathy towards any other contender. A few polling stations looked tight but in the majority the results were flat out for the Neanderthal (he’s the Neanderthal!) that is Poilievre. It looks like the Liberals just couldn’t get their vote out.

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