Thursday, May 28, 2009

Say WHAT? Brazeau is working with the AFN

Hell just froze over.

I was reading First Perspective and tripped across an editorial by every one's favourite Senator, Patrick Brazeau. Apparently the Senate plans to do a trip across Canada to collect opinions on the Indian Act.

Non-First Nations folk may not be aware of it, but every 4-5 years some bored politician in Ottawa decides to tinker with the Indian Act. It's cool for the politician and their flunkie bureaucrats, because they get to travel across Canada on the tax payers dime. First Nations however are sick of it. Politicians have spent millions upon millions of dollars on such consultations, which go nowhere. In the end we as First Nations people pay the price for their folly, from the press, from the Minister of Indian Affairs and his critics. Tell me if you've heard this before: "Ottawa just spend 10 billion dollars on First Nations. Where did the money go? Damn these First Nations people are so unaccountable." Plus, really, First Nations people are working hard toward self-government and are tired of being federal make-work projects. All of this was explained politely and academically to the feds in the 4000 or so pages that make up the 1996 Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. Yet they persist.

So I rolled my eyes and scanned down the article, and what did I see?

Brazeau writes:Working in cooperation with the Assembly of First Nations, members of the committee will undertake regional visits in Manitoba, Atlantic Canada and Saskatchewan.

working with the AFN? On Indian Act consultations?
Holy jumping beavers. I never saw that one coming.



Wideye said...

No freaken way! Unless Phil is so desperate for a Senate seat that he too has taken to the dark side.

I think though it's probably just the sleazy lounge lizard tactics of Brazeaus and wannabe "writer" but only his bum sniffer (what's his name again? sounds like phlegm ... Al something wait, there's something caught in the back of my throat...) Let’s face it so far his tactics have been to tell lies and look pretty because in the world of Conservative (ok any Party will do..)politics who cares about truth?

Anonymous said...

Wideye, I could not have said it any better.

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