Saturday, May 9, 2009

Partick Brazeau

Well, it wasn't me, but someone finally updated the Brazman's wikipedia entry. Hats off to the author. Was it you wideye?

The Brazman was back in the news this week with an update on the harrassment complaint.
Feds must hear senator harassment case: tribunal
The Canadian Press May 7, 2009
Ottawa -- Ontario's Human Rights Tribunal has ruled that a sexual harassment complaint against Senator Patrick Brazeau must be heard at the federal level. The tribunal says it has no jurisdiction to hear the case because the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, once led by Mr. Brazeau, is federally regulated. The case can now proceed before the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Mr. Brazeau says an independent report cleared him of misconduct.


It's rumoured that CP Reporter Sue Bailey had more to write, but being as the allegations against Brazeau are not proven yet, other details didn't get past lawyers at CP.

In related gossip, a number of First Nations leaders appeared before the Senate Committee on Human Rights. Naturally the conversation turned to the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.It's still a sore spot for most native leaders that Canada remains one of 3 countries that refuse to endorse the Declaration. (New Zealand is holding out. The US is reconsidering its position, following the example of Australia.)

What the conservatives hate, Brazman hates. So despite the fact that every other First Nation, Metis, and Inuit leader want Canada to sign, Brazeau is against it. There was a cool exchange between Brazeau and Ellen Gabriel of the Quebec Native Women's Association over the issue.

Senator Brazeau: There was the question about what exactly and specifically the declaration would do to better the life of an indigenous person in Canada.

Ms. Gabriel: Maybe we could all drive Porsche 4-by-4s.

More in the Blues from the April 27th session.


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Wideye said...

No but if I had I might have informed the CPoC spokesperson that although Brazeau was not Chief at the time he was in fact Vice-Chief and his responsibilities include finances. He oversaw and authorised all the spending.

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