Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Canada's opposition to UN declaration on Indigneous Rights ain't all about us

Australia has reversed its position on the UND. New Zealand and the US are showing signs of reconsidering but not Canada. Canada's excuse has been that the UND would supercede laws protecting non-natives - a postion that no legal expert agrees with. Naturally FN Inuit and Metis folks here in Canada tend to take this personally. But according to this article it ain't all about us. Cut throught the government spin and it turns out the Canadian government is tryng to protect multi-nationals who are interested in exploiting Indigenous peoples in other lands.

Momentum slowly builds behind UN Indigenous Declaration
....On Monday, the forum kicked off with a special discussion on the relationship between indigenous peoples and industrial corporations. Extractive industries -- gas, oil, and mineral extraction -- disproportionately impact the world's 400 million indigenous peoples, according to experts who met in The Philippines in March during a conference on extractive industries and indigenous peoples.

As it turns out, many of the indigenous peoples who attended that extractive industry workshop complained that Canadian companies were not respecting their rights, Tauli-Corpuz told Xinhua.

In just one example, Canadian mining company Nautilus Mining Inc. is planning the first deep-sea mining expedition off the coast of Papa New Guinea. A small group of indigenous peoples there, the Bismarck-Solomon Seas Indigenous Peoples Council, has claimed they have not been fairly consulted for a project they saywill endanger their villages and destroy a rare ecosystem.


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