Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NWAC Elections coming up

Beverley Jacaobs, the current president of the Native Women's Association of Canada will not be seeking re-election this year. Elections will be held at the AGA, to be held at the Crowne Plaza in Ottawa, September 26th to 27th, 2009. As far as I can tell (correct me if I am wrong) President Jacobs is the only president to ever serve 2 terms. She has done excellent work on raising awareness on the issue of violence against women, and NWAC has done excellent outreach under her leadership in terms of providing toolkits to families nd communities to make them aware of their rights when a family member is missing.

So who will replace Ms. Jacobs? Well according to their election rules, to be a nominee for the position of President of Native Women’s Association of Canada, you MUST be: An Aboriginal woman; A delegate of the PTMA in which you reside; Nominated by a delegate of the PTMA in which you reside Seconded by a delegate of a different PTMA In attendance at the AGA. They are encouraging nominations to come in before the AGA, but according to their by-laws nominations can still come in pretty much last minute on the floor.

There are two interesting rumours about who will rune. The first is that the President of the ONtario branch, Dawn Harvard will choose to run, and if she does she will be a favourite for many. Perhaps more interesting is the rumor that a former president, Marilyn Buffalo is seeking a nomination. If you have runours gossip of speculation, feel free to post away.



Anonymous said...

I beleive Nahanni Fontaine from Manitoba is also considering running for the President position. If Nahanni does choose to run, with her professional, educational and community experience, including advocacy on women's issues, she will definitely be an excellent contender in this election and would represent NWAC very well!

Ward of the State said...

Thanks for posting. good to know. I was looking for some biographical material on the two that I had heard about. Of course there is tons on Ms. Buffalo, but little on Ms. Harvard,(which is odd, not eeven a bio on the ontario branch website, although she has been around for a while and won awards). So in the end I didn't think it was fair to either woman have a long bio of one person with both good stuff as well as the touchy stuff and very little on the the other. But feel free to post what you know about any of the candidates. This post hasn't gotten much in the way of commens but it's gotten quite a few hits which makes me think that people are quite curious and want to know more.

Anonymous said...

We understand that it’s not Harvard running anymore, but her Mom, Jeanette!

Ward of the State said...

Politics that run in the family! Now that's interesting.

Wideye said...

I know Nahanni Fontaine, I worked with her - well she was a summer student and I was lucky enough to be assigned her. Many people impress me with their skills, knowledge and talent but only a few ever manage to stop me in my tracks and leave me confident that the future will be an exciting place with them in it. A conversation with Nahanni will do that for you. I was not going to follow the NWAC elections but I will now. Holy heck she is the person to replace Jacobs. I give you my word if she wins - GREAT innovations will happen at NWAC. Not only is she incredibly smart, well organized, thorough, responsible, and creative, she is a people person. She is that rare blend of intelligence that combines people skills with an almost intuitive sense of timing. She reads and understands the hidden contexts we live in and I know she will work with each of us to uncover the path that will lead to a better place. She has my endorsement. Go Nahanni!

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