Sunday, September 20, 2009

It’s not about you; it’s about what you do

The cheap clichés always win: It’s not about you; it’s about what you do

It’s unfortunate when poor leadership drags down organizations. The labour performed by dedicated and passionate people is lost or forgotten in the shower or accusations and finger pointing that is the inevitable fallout from greed and inexperience. We post CAP stories that hit the news about the fallout from poor leadership because we believe (crazy bitches that we are) that we deserve good governance – corporate, political, and economic. It just happens that all bad governance CAP stories lead back to Pat.

It’s not like CAP in the past did not have relevancy. Dwight Dorey, former national leader of CAP, ensured CAPS position at the table during discussions of the governance initiative to change the Indian Act. Pat the (sorry choice but) Conservative Senator sat as CAP’s lackey at the table back then. CAP was the force behind the Corbierre decision and the vote rights for off-reserve First Nations people. CAP can be a force again (and must) but must first rise from and leave behind the useless baubles, bits, and shiny beads left behind by the former model (who dreamed of bigger glitter and bigger baubles) and focus on issues that are meaningful. (Come on nobody actually expects world peace and nobody expects every First Nation person living on a reserve to give up their life, community, and family, land, culture, and history to haul-ass and move to the city – get real.)

Ward knows I don’t mind being vocal when I think the people who would call themselves “leader” behave in ways that look and resemble the behaviour of sheep. I want our organizations to demand answers to right wrongs and defend our positions – NOT be a mouth piece for assimilation. Why should my tax-paying dollars go to defend the assimilation views from an organization that is supposed to protect or advance my rights? If CAP wants us to assimilate then they should simply close their office doors and cancel their lease.

Otherwise sit down Patrick Brazeau – your time in the sun came and left. Your legacy as a sponge is forever solidified in our history. Now let’s cross our fingers and pray that the newly elected leader finds and issue of relevance to the people and sticks to it.



Ward of the State said...

Well said.

Good-Anon said...

FYI - the Facebook page Natives Against Patrick Brazeau was taken off cause he did not like what people were saying. I assume he complained to Facebook. He could run down anyone he wants but when people start to do the same he cries, typical Brazeau behaviour.

Wideye said...

Yup. He probably tried to set up a pro-Brazeau (If you say that really fast and over and sounds like something you might take for gastro-intestinal upsets....try it) fan site but was upset the anti Brazeau site quickly gained more fans.

Good-Anon said...

That is exactly what happened. His "Patrick Brazeau Fanpage" has been set up for quite a while now. There are somewhere around 350 supporters. The "Natives Against Patrick Brazeau" page gained 500+ members in a matter of days. I am assuming that he and circle of people started posting things using aliases supporting him on the page that was created so people could voice their reasons for being against him. Some of the people were part of his fanpage but got kicked out cause they posted questions/comments that he obviously did not like.

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