Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Marc Emery vs Roman Polanski

I had the misfortune/fortune this morning to have a discussion with a person (I'll call "creepy dude") who had been hired by my contractor to help build an extension on my house. I’ll skip the preliminary discussion and jump to the comment I made that I hoped would defuse an earlier situation but led to another.

I said: “Marc Emery will accept extradition and can expect to spend FIVE YEARS in prison for selling seeds to grow pot to US citizens, Roman Polanski drugs a US child of 13 years, has sexual relations with her, accepts in the US court of law that this was an offence, runs from the sentencing, offers the girl HUGE amounts of cash (that she accepts) and wants the world to condone his activities because she took the cash settlement. If the world accepts this then what is the value statement being made about women and children?

Creepy Dude said: Woawh! It’s not the same; in some places it’s ok to have sex with prostitutes AND she said it was ok, she even took money!

I said (with gritted teeth): So you would condone a 33 year old man having a sexual encounter with your daughter after he drugged her? (He has two daughters, an older one who left home at age 13 and lives with his wife’s parents and a young one still at home)

Creepy Dude: Hey I’m not into kids, I don’t personally think its ok but who am I to judge? (Me now thinks there is a reason why his daughter left home)

I said: If you are not able to judge that plying a child of 13 years with drugs so you or a friend of yours can stick your penis into the child is wrong then you are part of the problem.

Post what you want. It’s NEVER acceptable. That sleaze tried to tell ME that because I was transitioning careers (from a social researcher who has spent a great number of years examining this issue to another career – that quite frankly offers me less heartbreak and more rewards) that I PROVED his point – “see you can’t win.” To which I responded: It’s not a hockey game. I didn’t start the advocacy work and I’m not the solution but hundreds and thousands of women and men led the way and millions more the world over will agree with me: SEXUAL EXPOITATION IS WRONG and I will not let anyone take back a single step forward we have taken.

He left the job site before I could fire him. He said: “I don’t have to put up with aggressive, domineering, and condescending women; My wife is a CRA - I’m taking my tools and going home.”

And that’s why this site exists because I am a crazy bitch to think its wrong to drug and sexually exploit children and youth. Wild eh?

I just had to get this off my mind. Tomorrow I will link to the Polanski and Emery story. And sure tomorrow I might clean up some details but first I had to off-load the disgust I was feeling.



Dr. Prole said...

Yuck, what a pig! I'm glad he's not in your house anymore.

I'm with you, if you drug and rape children you damn well should go to jail, no matter what kind of "genius" you are. Polanski can rot in hell for all I care.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. And the list of famous men and those holding high position's, commiting sexual crime grows, doesn't it? Thanks for ALL your writing. LK

Wideye said...

Thank you Dr. Prole.

Polanski and the sleazy sub-contractor can spend eternity together. Can you believe I had to still had to PAY the bastard for work completed. That was the gross part. Thank god it was only for 20 hours.

Wideye said...

Ain`t that the truth Anonymous. The list grows because the voices for children have grown stronger.

Today’s society does feel differently towards the wealthy and famous than it did a few years ago – even Gods clergy is not above suspicion or the law. Locking offenders up does not protect our children unless the offenders receive treatment, counselling, and on-going support. One day they will be released and if they are just housed in a prison to do their time then they`ll just be released older, fatter, and no doubt meaner.

I understand the issue is complex and believe progress is being made. But I also know it will never move fast enough. If we want to protect our children then we must understand the offender. If we can stop the offender before he/she reaches the child then we’ve made progress.

Anonymous said...

A child of 13 can not consent to sex. No matter what she says. No matter how much money is exchanged. Adults impose too much intimidation to get a true consent. Adults are supposed to know this. Now add giving drugs to a child and having sex with her while she is drugged. Could any child really say "yes" in a way that excused the adult's behaviour under these circumstances? No excuses- Polanski is a criminal.
BTW, why did he need to be "lured" to Switzerland to be arrested? It turns out he has had a house there for years and could have been arrested any time. Shame on US law enforcement for allowing him to evade justice and live like a king all of these years.

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