Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another McIvor update

Sorry folks I've known about this for a while - but it seems I never posted the info. (Only thought I did. Signs of aging.)

A while ago the government asked the courts for another extension. The new date they have to meet to pass the amendments on Indian Status contained in Bill C-3: January 31, 2011. Not much news on whether the government has made the changes NWAC and Sharon McIvor want to see. When I hear I'll keep you posted. In other news some of my family and friends are already sending in their applications to try and get a head of the rush. Not a bad idea.


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Pam Palmater said...

I love your blog! Regarding McIvor and Bill C-3, it still has to go through the Senate which (in theory) would study the bill and possibly make amendments. As the Senate has a conservative majority, that is HIGHLY unlikely. Assuming then, that the bill passes before the January 2011 deadline, it would still have to receive Royal Assent and then an Order in Council is prepared to bring it into force which can take an additional 6 weeks or so. I have provided an update on my blog too.

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