Thursday, May 20, 2010

Terry, Terry, Terry, why are you so bat-shit crazy

One wonders what might have been if he'd won the AFN election for National Chief.

Investigation continues into Roseau River gun allegations

By: Aldo Santin

Police are investigating, but no charges have been laid against controversial Roseau River Chief Terry Nelson in connection with an alleged gun incident on the weekend.

Doug Palson, chief of the Dakota Ojibway Police Service, said the situation is still under investigation.

Chief pointed gun at teen, residents allege "We do our due diligence to investigate all matters, regardless which member may or may not be involved," Palson said in a telephone interview Wednesday from his Brandon office.

Several Roseau River residents allege that Nelson and two other men were seen racing around the reserve early Saturday morning in a grey-coloured truck armed with a firearm and wooden boards.

The residents allege that Nelson was looking for a group of boys who might have been involved in a fight with his son, adding that at one point Nelson pointed a rifle at one or more of the boys.

Nelson could not be reached for comment.

The Dakota Ojibway Police Service is based in Brandon and enforces all federal and provincial laws and band bylaws on five southern Manitoba reserves: Roseau River, Birdtail Sioux, Canupawakpa Dakota, Sandy Bay and Sioux Valley.

Nelson’s continued role as chief of the Roseau River reserve has upset many local residents. The Federal Court in June 2009 upheld a custom council decision in 2007 to remove Nelson and several councillors from office. But Indian Affairs recognizes Nelson as chief because he was re-elected with a large majority in a band council election in May 2009. Indian Affairs said the federal court ruling applied to the previous council term and didn’t affect the May 2009 election.

Roseau River is located about 93 kilometres south of Winnipeg.



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