Saturday, May 22, 2010

More definitions of a crazy bitch

I just found these in the online urban dictionary. Very different from the definition we gave ourselves at the top of the blog, but I can admit that I probably fall under at least one of the categories below as well.

crazy bitch 173 up, 24 down
(n.) A sexually crazy girl who loves to screw dirty, but will drive you mad otherwise through her bitchiness and insanity, you'll find many women fitting this description in hot night clubs. Did you see John pick up that crazy bitch? She'll probably leave bite marks all over his pecker!

2. crazy bitch A woman who after a break up slashes the tires on your car, burns your clothes, and tries to get you fired from your job then calls you the next day wanting to reconcile. That crazy bitch keyed my car and then called me for a booty call!
by Krazy Karma Aug 22, 2007

3. crazy bitch 100 up, 50 down
A crazy bitch is one of the female gender who will spontaneously attack you with their purse, kicks your ass when they sit behind you, looks up "hard core sex" on laptops, claims to be an angel, and many other things.


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