Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Senators Brazman and Duffman

We all are expecting a new round of conservative appointments to the Senate. Pondering who these new appointees might be, I began reminiscing about Mike Duffy and Patrick Brazeau, the two most controversial appointments from last round. It got me wondering... How do they feel being the subject of so many blogs and so much debate? Are they friends now? Are they maybe helping each other adjust? Then I found this video, called the taxpayer's twist. Good to know they are getting on well, enjoying their Harper Holiday and all that.



Wideye said...

Well now those are some wicked moves. Look at them two gettin it on! Looks like all that dancing has caused Duffy to loose some weight, and Brazman....well - you look good. Keep on partying dude! (Hee)

Ward of the State said...

lol. It seems that using this software you can't make someone as wide as Duffy is in real life.

PS - Go into the drafts and edit/add to the list of Craziest B's for 2009. I have my picks on there. Add in yours and publish. After some sobering thought this mornign I struck a few names off the list |I made last night, as they really didn't fit.

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