Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's not apathy, I'd just rather not cast my ballot passive agressively

It amazes me that despite the outrage over the proroguing of Parliament (and we saw those manifestations on the streets today) the Liberals are still not leading in polls. You'd think this would be enough to tank the conservatives, but no. Perhaps there are others who feel as I do that voting should not a passive aggressive act.

The Liberals could be doing better. But all they have offered in terms of an alternative is a leader who is less creepy than Harper.

For all the criticism of Iggy being arrogant and elitist, I don't think that's the problem. (After all Pierre Trudeau did ok for himself.) At least it's not for me. My own lack of enthusiasm for Iggy is that he always sounds so damn scripted. Like a roomful of whacks on a roomful of Apple computers are typing around the clock, calculating each word to capture votes with the precision of a VLSI chip. I mean sure I know that's politics, and it's not just Iggy. Jack Layton suffers the same problem.

It's just that lately they've been so damn obvious. They are not supposed to sound like all they want is to get elected. Where's the romance? At least Harper has that nice soft sweater and plays piano.... At least his spinners are trying.

I know it's a very naive thing to say, but it would be great to see some of the politics taken out of politics for just just for a while. Ideas to cope with pension shortages, layoffs, university tuition's and student loans. Maybe something a little... well inspiring.

I don't agree with the prorogation for all the reasons that people have well articulated elsewhere. The reasons need no repeating, here. They are all good and valid. But now that Parliament has been prorogued, and liberals and NDP are determined to show up anyway, well maybe they can workout a platform and some bundles of goods and services that will actually make me want to elect them, instead of merely wanting to unseat Harper.


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