Saturday, December 19, 2009

News Maker 09

Looks like Brazeau and his mastering of Sudoku qualified him to be named in MacLeans list: "Newmakers 09". But rest easy - it's as the "party animal"



Anonymous said...

Hey girls, Good-Anon here. I was recently searching the net and found an article about the Peguis chief and council salary. It is pretty appauling how much they were paying themselves.

Of course who has to pipe in? Our favorite senator. I find it ironic that he has the nerve to complain and say that they First Nations should be transparent and accountable but yet he and his government are not. First, Harper is reported to be proroguing Parliament, for what? No reason at all. That means the tax payer will continue will have paid all MPs and Parliamentaries for 3 months of doing NOTHING in a 12 month span. How accounatable is that.

Second, this is the thing that most people don't know. Apparently, I have learned through very credible sources, that Brazeau was tax exempt while at CAP. How in the hell is that possible? I thought you had to be on reserve or your work had to be geared toward on-reserve. Isn't CAP's mandate for off-reserve people? Also, I did a little homework/research there is no way Brazeau is on reserve, he said it himself that he never lived on a reserve in the article titled "Ruffling Feathers". Seems like the joke of a man likes to complain about the Indian Act being so bad but yet he sure as hell likes to take advantage of the benefits that he can get from it. I wonder if the Canadian Tax Payers Federation knows about this.

Wideye said...

Hi Good-Anon - Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all the best wishes I could wish for you. :O)

I'm going to try and blog something about the proroguing - the Bills that didn't go through and how that might be an OK thing for us Indigenous folk but I have to put the links together. But aside from that - can you imagine if First Nation band councils just decided to shut down their offices when people don't like what they do? OK some do that and we know how the federal government reacts....

I know!...................Let’s throw up a barricade around Parliament!

I didn't know that about Brazeau (tax free income)....I think revenue Canada could be notified. I know it is rumoured he demanded and received a severance package from CAP after he was chose to accept his appointment. The guy is a shallow sheep.

We think he has a handler now – that staff in the PCO realized that Pat is a liability so put him under the thumb of a babysitter. Hence the Sudoku – he doesn’t care – I’d be humiliated if everyone knew I was that stupid to require a person to think for me. But hey as long as he pulls in the cash and gets the party invites what does he care. He knows what side it bread is buttered on.

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