Monday, December 7, 2009

AFN in bed with Brazeau – A/Comm Director looking for Senate Appointment!

Like Ward said I was looking for something to blog about but thought I would blog live from the AFN Special Chiefs Assembly that is on for the next few days. For those of you who don’t know – the gathering will host Chiefs from across Canada to discuss key political issues and pass resolutions – giving the National Chief , Shawn Atleo a mandate to move forward with. It’s also a major opportunity to network, learn of new initiatives, set up meetings, move new ideas forward – it’s a huge meeting for policy wonks and politico’s of Indian Country.

This evening there was an opportunity to network with members of parliament and delegates attending the Chiefs Assembly. .....unless you spoke to the AFN’s A/Director of communications who would tell you that this was for “leaders only”. That elitist attitude from the AFN really peeves me.

I thought this would be a fabulous event to blog about for our readers who want to know what goes on at these things anyway. No seriously – it can be a fun way to talk about issues you care about in an informal setting and it can be a great way to connect with other ideas. It can also be a colossal waste of time and money where everyone eats drinks and says stupid things they don’t mean – like “Hi lovely to see you” or the “Oh yes we must meet on that”, and the ever awful “Oh fabulous presentation!” Smiles plastered on their faces and pasty, limp hand-shakes. Anyway none of it matters because I was told I would not be allowed in.

Yes, even though it clearly states on the agenda that it is open to all registered delegates, the A/Director made it clear that this was only for the “leaders” the “Chiefs” so they could have time – alone with the MP’s. – Oh yeah right, like anything meaningful and real is ever gunna happen over stale crackers and cheese. And it wasn’t just me that was informed that they could not go – a journalist I know and I went out to gossip and I was informed that he wanted to go too but was also told NO. – Even set up with a fake number when he asked to speak with the National Chief about the issue.

Just as the party started I got phone-call from another registered delegate who said – ______, the reception in open and nobody is being turned away. I called my journalist friend and said – they must be trying to hide something – go get em – and find out what’s up with the new barricades around what’s going on at the AFN?.
Honestly one must wonder about communications when the Director tries to keep people away. Or was it really us (Crazy Bitches R Us) – they didn’t want there?

Do you think the A/Director of Communications for the AFN didn’t want me at the event (or media) because they suspect I write for Crazy Bitches and Patrick Brazeau was going to be there! (Yes it was announced at a forum that Patrick Brazeau had accepted an invitation to the event. – Frig that’s galling) Maybe Patrick made it a condition....I can see the conversation unfolding - "look I think this crazy bitch is gunna crash the party and write mean things about how I stared at women’s boobs all night and grabbed a few bums. If she shows up – I’m outta here and you’ll never see a Conservative dollar in your organizations. You will go broke unless you do what I say. Kick her out – and don’t let media belong to me now bitches!"

I think that’s my story – AFN in bed with Brazeau – A/Comm Director looking for Senate Appointment!



Ward of the State said...

Wow that comms director sounds like a REAL beeyatch.

On a related note, it's interesting Mr. Brazeau attended, while his editorial in First Perspective then slams AFN as well as the 4 other NAOs.

So what else happened at the SCA besides wine and cheese?

Wideye said...

maaaaybe ...but definetly one of those "feel my power" type persons (know what I mean???)

Maybe Brazeau didn't get asked to dance or WORSE!!!! Nobody knew he he was...maybe he was ID'd at the door.

Where is his editorial...why didn't you post it now I must go look.

I have stories about thye event but good stories - I was mooooved.

Ward of the State said...

I didn't post the Brazeau piece because the article was so full of acid that I had to take two gravol after reading it. I think if we post it we'll have to put up a warning that it could burn a hole thorugh the computer screen. Should we expose our gentle readers to it? ;)

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