Monday, April 20, 2009

The brazman

I happened across Patrick Brazeau's wikipedia entry and I noticed that no one has updated it to reflect the swirl of controversy that followed his apointment to the Senate. Seems to me someone should.

Anyone who missed the web of stories about the appointment, allegations of double-dipping, sexual harrasssment, funding audits, colleagues drinking on the job, poor parenting or his Porshe SUV, here are links to all those stories and more. Go nuts.

Joanna Smith “PM told of allegation, senator says” Toronto Star Feb 11, 2009
Don Martin, “Patrick Brazeau should have stayed a 'senator-in-waiting'” National Post
February 03, 2009h ttp:// See also Bill Curry, “Brazeau affair sparks rift in native group” Globe and Mail January 13, 2009 and Sidhartha Banerjee “Patrick Brazeau's Senate appointment comes as no surprise, observers say” The Canadian Press
Bill Curry, “Brazeau picks Senate over aboriginal advocacy” Globe and Mail January 10, 2009 see also Joanna Smith “Senator resigns from native congress” Toronto Star Jan 10, 2009
“New senator faces allegations over conduct as chief of aboriginal group
Brazeau says independent probe determined allegations false” CBC Radio Wednesday, January 7, 2009 also Bill Curry “Sexual exploitation, drinking at the office supported by Brazeau, former employee claims” Globe and Mail January 7, 2009
Bill Curry “Aboriginal group led by Brazeau must return funding” Globe and Mail January 19, 2009 also Joanna Smith “New senator lagged on $100 child support” Toronto Star Feb 10, 2009
Brazeau facing increased public scrutiny” CTV Feb. 3 2009


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Wideye said...

I bet you he created the entry himself...or that Al Flemming guy

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