Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And let us pray.. for Senator Brazeau

Yes. There is an website dedicated to enourage folks to pray for parlimentarians and Patrick Brazeau was recenlty featured. No. I am Not kidding. Follow the link.

Under his entry it suggested to pray that Patrick : "would know the favour of God on the work that he sets his hands to do especially as he seeks to better the lives of his fellow aborignal peoples. His special interest in youth is an area we ask the Lord to use him in, that he would have the moral strength to be a good role model for young aboriginals all across Canada. Pray also that the Lord will give him good counsellors and strong godly friendships as he has a long career ahead of him in the Senate."

A) I like the last line... I guess after he leaves the Senate those praying stop giving a rats ass about giving him good counsellors and strong godly friendships.
B) They should be praying that he ups his child support from $100 a month - since he now makes more than $130,000. I mean I do undertand how unaffordable the $100 a month was when he was only earning $100,000 (plus expenses) at CAP. Clearly that money is an unbearable hardship for someone earning a meagre $8,333.00 a month.
We can hope that now that he's making the extra $30,000 he can not only make those support payments on time but maybe he can add an extra buck here and there to top it off.

At least.. let us pray....


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