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Parliamentary Restaurant adds seal to menu

This is such a great story. I was once asked to serve seal meat at an event but couldn’t locate a distributor who could sell it in the quantity I needed. I only required a few ounces and they could only send the entire carcass with fins and bones. As soon as seal is on the menu I'm in to try it. I hear they are selling it in a restaurant in Montreal - it's worth a trip to find it. In fact next time a friend asks to go - I will suggest we find that restaurant! Bon appétit!

Parliamentary Restaurant adds seal to menu

By Tom Spears , The Ottawa CitizenNovember 17, 2009

OTTAWA — Chew on this: The Parliamentary Restaurant will soon serve seal meat to anyone with a taste for game, and controversy.

Hull-Aylmer MP Marcel Proulx confirmed the addition to the menu is just awaiting hunting season, and should arrive in the new year.

This is the second time the restaurant has tried to carry seal meat, he said.

“In 2008 there had been a request (for seal) from a couple of senators. The problem was they could not find a supplier.

“Now the chef, I understand, has found a supplier in the Magdalen Islands. I think because of the hunting season they will be able to get some meat in the early part of 2010. Then they will be able to offer it in the Parliamentary Restaurant.”

Proulx brushed off any question of possible protests.

“To start with, seal hunting is legal in Canada. Seal meat is therefore legal. There are processes to be followed according to the law, rules and regulations.

“This is a good opportunity for the industry. More often than not, you try to sell a product and the first thing people ask you is, ‘Is your government using your product?’ In this case they’ll be able to say Yes.”

“It’s good for the restaurant, it’s good for the (hunting) industry, good for the fishermen, good for the entire picture of what the seal hunt is all about.”

The decision was vetted by the Board of Internal Economy, the governing body of the House of Commons, he said.

The board, Proulx said, felt the menu was best left to the chef.

He doesn’t know how the meat will be served.

“I don’t ask my wife for her recipes, so I’m not going to ask the executive chef.”

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